17.5inch Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle 1683


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Similar to the 1682_ this 1683 model is built on a 17.5inch seat. ~@~@It’s designed specifically for the draft horse or draft cross and built on Big Horn’s fiberglass covered wood draft horse tree. ~@~@A great pleasure and trail saddle with its 17.5inch Dual Density Memory Foam seat_ long leather strings_ and solid brass rings. ~@~@We love Big Horn’s #2 brown finish and so will you! This saddle comes with just enough tooling and border to add some interest and a 4inch cheyenne roll cantle. ~@~@Featuring double_ stainless steel dropped D rigging_ draft horse/draft cross tree_ and dual density memory foam seat. ~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Fiberglass covered wood for Draft horse and Draft crosses~@Cantle: 4inch~@Seat: 16inch grainout with Dual Density Memory Foam~@Horn: 3inch x 2.5inch~@Gullet: Extra Wide width x 7.25inch high~@Rigging: Double_ stainless steel dropped D~@Skirts: 28inch x 14inch~@Fenders: 17inch x 7.5inch_ 2.5inch~@Stirrups: Leather covered Visalia_ 4.5inch tread width~@Finish: Brown~@Trim: Solid brass rings_ solid brass back crupper ring_ and leather ties.~@Weight: Approximately 30 lbs.~@


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